Your home is your sanctuary.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Service In Lakeville

Professional vacation rental turnover cleaning for your property. We service regular rentals, STRs, AirBnb, VRBOs and more.

Lakeville Vacation Rental Cleaning is Beyond Standard Housekeeping

Our team of qualified Cleaning Techs follow a different handbook when it comes to Lakeville vacation rental cleaning. We are fully aware that the primary reason for negative reviews of your business is a lack of cleanliness. When people spend their hard-earned money, they expect nothing less than the best, and Chicka Chicka Broom is here to make sure you can deliver consistently. 

Especially if you manage multiple rental properties or live out of town, it can be difficult to keep up with rental cleaning. Our team has a thorough cleaning list that covers all your bases, ensuring each new guest has no reason to leave anything other than a glowing review in terms of cleanliness. Just some of the little things we’ll take care of that make a big difference include:

  • Cleaning up rags, towels, and other linens left behind by the previous guests
  • Complete sanitation to keep pathogens minimal and guests safe
  • Restocking necessities like toilet paper
  • Removing any trash left behind by previous guests
  • Checking for any potential damages to help you recover costs 
  • Ensuring all mechanical components of the home are working properly before each new arrival

Guaranteed Results For Your Lakeville Rental

Just as your customers expect your Lakeville vacation home to be clean when they arrive for their much deserved rest and relaxation, you expect the same when your cleaning crew is finished. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’ll make sure we return and fix anything overlooked at no additional charge or your money back. Best of all, our team takes the time to understand exactly what your needs are so we can customize a plan with consideration of any special add-ons you may require. Working with the same Cleaning Tech with every visit further encourages consistency, so get your free Lakeville vacation rental cleaning quote now.

All Rooms

Baseboards dusted

Blinds dusted

Cobwebs removed

Floors vacuumed/mopped cleaned

Pictures/mirrors cleaned

Stairs (Vacuumed and/or dusted)

Trash emptied

Window sills dusted

Light fixtures/Ceiling fans dusted

Lamps dusted

Furniture dusted


Appliance exteriors cleaned

Microwave exterior/interior cleaned

Countertop/Sink cleaned


Beds made when requested

Linens changed when requested (placed at bottom of bed)


Towels neatly folded/hung

Countertop/Sink cleaned

Fixtures cleaned/shined

Shower/Tub/Tile cleaned

Toilets cleaned/sanitized