Small Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services in Montgomery & New Prague, MN

Commercial cleaning services in Montgomery & New Prague, MN

We handle small commercial cleaning for offices, banks, apartment complexes, etc.

Why put the added stress of cleaning on your employees when you can have the professionals take care of it for you? Call today to schedule an on-site estimate!
Every business has different needs, so we will tailor our services to suit yours! Common tasks include:

  • Emptying trash
  • Vacumming/Mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning break room
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Hallways

Reception Area/Foyer

❏ Floors swept/mopped/vacuumed
❏ Clean front entrance glass
❏ Cobwebs removed from baseboards/ceilings
❏ Furniture dusted
❏ Ledges/frames/picture frames dusted

Lunch/Kitchen areas

❏ Countertops cleaned
❏ Sinks cleaned and disinfected, shined
❏ Refrigerator fronts/visible sides cleaned and shined
❏ Dishwasher front cleaned and shined
❏ Microwave wiped inside and out, front and sides cleaned and shined
❏ Doors and frames spot cleaned from fingerprints


❏ Clean and shine restrooms
❏ Vanity cleaned and disinfected
❏ Sinks cleaned and disinfected
❏ Clean and polish all mirrors
❏ Clean and sanitize all toilets, urinals, wash basins, walls, and partitions
❏ Refill all paper, soap, and sanitary napkin dispensers
❏ Empty all trash and replace liners

Inner office

❏ Empty all trash baskets and replace liners
❏ Spot clean walls and carpets
❏ Sweep/mop/vac floors
❏ Clean water fountains and/or coolers
❏ Clean interior wall glass excluding outer wall glass
❏ Disinfect telephones
❏ Dust top to bottom all workstations
❏ Dust all desks, lamps, lamp shades, chair rungs, low moldings, sills, picture frames and
partition tops
❏ Dust all wall clocks
❏ Vacuum floor and crevices

Conference room

❏ Dust and polish all tables
❏ Disinfect telephones
❏ Empty trash, replace liners
❏ Sweep/mop/vac floors
❏ Dust and clean all lamps and shades
❏ Dust all chairs, chair rungs, low moldings, sills, picture frames

Warehouse/Production areas

❏ Clean/dust countertops
❏ Clean and disinfect lunch/break room
❏ Clean and disinfect restrooms
❏ Sweep/mop/vac floors
❏ Dust all furniture-chairs, chair rungs, desks, low moldings, sills, picture frames
❏ Empty all trash and replace liners