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Cleaning Tips for Busy Homeowners in Montgomery
June 12, 2023

Oh, the hustle and bustle of life in Montgomery! The swift passage of days, a whirlwind of work, errands, and maybe just a smidgen of good old Southern socializing.

While juggling this whirligig of activities, maintaining a spotless home may seem like an uphill battle, a daunting task perched on the horizon of your already overcrowded day.

Worry not, though! Here are some practical, time-saving cleaning tips and a sprinkle of professional guidance to help keep your home in tip-top shape.


Making Every Minute Count


First things first – let’s talk about cleaning smarter, not harder. The trick is to squeeze the most out of every precious minute. Try multitasking. Pop in a load of laundry before starting your workday, or simmer a pot of soup while tidying up the kitchen.

You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in these stolen moments!

Remember, even a few swipes and swishes in the right places make a world of difference. A quick daily wipe-down of the bathroom sink can prevent soap scum buildup, saving you from the grueling task of scrubbing later on. Similarly, sweeping high-traffic areas daily can significantly cut down on dust and dirt, keeping your Montgomery home cleaner for longer.


Routine: Your New Best Friend


Ah, routine—the unsung hero of a well-maintained home. It might seem a tad dull at first, but establishing a cleaning routine is like setting your course on autopilot toward a perpetually clean home.

Allocate specific chores for each day—maybe vacuuming on Monday, dusting on Tuesday, and so on. Bit by bit, you’ll see your home transform without having to break your back over a marathon cleaning session.


The Magic of a Checklist


The humble checklist is another golden nugget in the realm of effective cleaning. Create a weekly cleaning checklist, and check off each task as you complete it.

Not only does this keep you organized and on track, but there’s also a sweet sense of accomplishment as you tick off each item.


Chicka Chicka Broom: Your Montgomery Cleaning Ally


Now, for those times when you just can’t seem to fit in a cleaning session or when you yearn for a more professional touch, remember Chicka Chicka Broom is only a call away! Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of busy homeowners in Montgomery.

Just look at these before-and-after photos! It’s like night and day, isn’t it? A living room transformed from a cluttered jumble into an inviting haven of peace, a kitchen reborn from chaos into a sparkling, sanitized space.

These transformations are what Chicka Chicka Broom strives for—effortless cleanliness tailored to your needs and schedule.

Our well-trained crew arrives at your doorstep equipped with eco-friendly cleaning supplies and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We’re not just a cleaning service, but your partners in keeping your home neat, clean, and all kinds of wonderful!




Keeping a clean home amid the hustle and bustle of life in Montgomery doesn’t have to be as tricky as herding cats. A few strategic cleaning routines, a well-planned checklist, and a little professional help can work wonders.

So why not take a breather and let Chicka Chicka Broom lend a helping hand? After all, life is too short to spend it cleaning! Contact us today for a happier, cleaner home tomorrow.