Your home is your sanctuary.
5 Tips in Keeping Your House Fresh
November 22, 2020

Keep it fresh! Your busy enough, here are five things you can do on the daily to help keep your home looking fresh!

  1. Keep disinfecting wipes handy, after daily chores in the bathroom a quick wipe of the faucet and sink will keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Toothpaste splatters and stray hairs are just a wipe away!
  2. Everyone has heard it, if you take it out, put it back! A quick tidying up of your kitchen counters as a nightly routine will keep it looking neat and tidy, the same goes for your bathroom, put your jewelry and other items away before bed and you’ll wake up with a fresh outlook on your day. Put today’s clutter away today!
  3. Make your bed! If your not into tucking sheets in, just straighten them out and and throw your comforter back on in place. Going to bed each night in a tidy bed is relaxing and lends to a better nights sleep!
  4. Do one load of laundry each day. Who wants to spend their Saturdays doing laundry? Do one load a day and keep the laundry monster at bay!
  5. Keep the dust down by placing floor matts inside and outside of your door. They really work! Just vacuum or shake them out every few days and you’ll be helping your floors and base boards out.